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Lean Production, with its comprehensive approach, targets the entire industrial value chain. Everyone involved must be „taken on board“ and have to commit themselves fully to high quality, low stock, short distances, lead and setup times. The permanent search for improvement is a state of mind. Material and information have to keep flowing in order to serve the customer oriented market in a lean, flexible and agile manner..

During the introduction of Lean Production - in Change Management - our consultants are your ideal companions. Known for their systematic approach, trained and experienced in the application of Lean Methods and further appropriate tools, they provide management and project managers with advice and active support.

During the thorough analysis of the actual situation, bottlenecks and weak spots at workstations in, in plant configuration, material flow or in order control can be identified. All processes along the value chain are observed from a broad perspective. The evaluation of the actual situation usually provides a first approached for improvements. In order to tap into this potential all involved have to be included - from top management to the worker on site, from decision-makers of a new strategy to those executing it on the shopfloor. The Lean-Experts know how to point out the potential for improvement convincingly, so that those responsible can make the correct decisions. While implementing, correcting and controlling the measures, our experts provide effective support with coaching and training for acceleration on your way to a lean production operation.


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