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In production, the trend to "lean" has long since arrived and has found numerous followers and advocates. Not least because successes are obvious and word of its advantages has spread. In administrative and indirect areas however still lies a lot of dormant potential. Here, work productivity is often less than 50%. The causes for this are many fold: insufficiently defined processes, unclear accountabilities and responsibilities, many unnecessary e-mails, meetings without structure, redundant activities, missing supportive means or inadequate IT-systems.

Obvious and hidden waste in the indirect areas of companies and organisations as well as administrations has by no means been addressed as consequently as in production areas. However, tried and tested methods from production areas cannot be transferred on a one-to-one basis to administrative processes and capacity determinations are not dependent upon quantity, as it is information that is processed here.

Anyone who believes that tidy desks and clear filing cabinets are the exhaustive characteristics of a lean administration is mistaken. Characteristics of a value stream oriented organisation rather are flexible processes with the shortest possible lead times as well as defined interfaces. This leads to a greater reliability and better adherence to delivery dates for the customer. If an error is detected, it is eliminated immediately. As a result of the error culture, people do not spend hours trying to find a culprit, but view errors as a chance for further improvement of processes. All optimisation steps will be sustainably secured by using appropriate measures. The resulting faster lead- and process times with lower costs and error-free results mean that customers take note of the higher quality, which in turn leads to a positive effect on customer loyalty and therefore on competitiveness. In public administrations, the reduction in bureaucracy and the increase in efficiency leads to notable proximity to citizens.

Our Lean-Consultants are aware of the neuralgic points in administrative processes. They know which methods to use to identify, evaluate and tap into the potentials for increasing value creation. A free and non-binding initial discussion is definitely worthwhile.


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