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Lean Case Studies

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Obviously, we are convinced of the quality and the benefits for our customers of our comprehensive services in lean consulting. It is also worth mentioning the methodological competence and the extensive experience of our consultants, who regularly make consultancy projects a success. However, see for yourself what sort of tasks we are entrusted with, how we proceed and what sort of results we achieve. Even though we cannot name our clients, the case studies listed references of our work regarding content and diversity.

Case Study Lean Production: Value Stream Mapping in a multi-variant environment

The delivery reliability of a medium-sized company (manufacturing of electrical components) was unsatisfactory. Processes were not clearly defined which lead to resentment amongst staff as numerous additional activities were necessary.

Case Study Lean Administration: Makigami Process Analysis

In a supplier company for the mechanical engineering industry, where primarily special and individual production is carried out, the administrative workload was enormous. Within the support activities for production, long lead times and a low on-time delivery rate of approx. 65 % were identified.

Case Study Lean Production: Increasing Overall Equipment Effectiveness

A business that manufactures electronic components with several plants and machines was faced with the decision of having to buy a new production plant due current insufficient capacity. At the same time, employees of the company were trained by an external Lean Consultancy to determine the Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

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