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Ob Trends, aktuelle Fakten oder Methodenwissen zum Lean Management – mit unserem Lean Blog bleiben Sie stets auf dem Laufenden! Hier finden Sie wertvolle Beiträge zum Thema. Holen Sie sich Impulse für Ihr unternehmensinternes Lean-Programm. Einen zusätzlichen Einblick in die praktische Umsetzung und die daraus resultierenden Ergebnisse unserer Lean-Beratungsprojekte geben Ihnen ausgewählte Fallbeispiele.


Lean als Philosophie

Lean as a philosophy

Lean production is a concept for increasing efficiency by concentrating on core processes. The aim is to consolidate performance through decentralisation and the reduction of hierarchies as well as the reduction of vertical integration and personnel deployment in order to increase productivity, quality and flexibility in production. Of crucial importance is the constant striving for perfection in order to optimise every single process - at all levels and by every single employee. However, what can be done in the event of a serious technical error or a disruption?

Lean Management Beratung

Lean Production: from virtue to management concept

Production is the heart of operational value creation. It is important not to waste time or resources or to accept overproduction and errors. Which lean methods are effective for sustainable lean production?