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Competition forces all companies to be disciplined: There is nothing to give away. Waste in any form must be avoided. Products, services and processes across the entire supply chain are oriented towards customer requirements in terms of design, price and quality. In the implementation of lean structures and processes in Lean Management, we are at your side: with advice and active support, with consulting and training.

The introduction of Lean Production, Lean Administration and Lean Management is a sensitive matter. It requires changes in the corporate culture, turning away from traditional thought and work patterns, a greater involvement of and more responsibility for employees, full support of top management and a lot more. Our experienced experts know exactly what it takes: starting with a thorough analysis of the current situation, following through with an efficient Change Management and finally ensuring a consistent control of the success of measures taken.

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Lean as a philosophy

Lean production is a concept for increasing efficiency by concentrating on core processes. The aim is to consolidate performance through decentralisation and the reduction of hierarchies as well as the reduction of vertical integration and personnel deployment in order to increase productivity, quality and flexibility in production. Of crucial importance is the constant striving for perfection in order to optimise every single process - at all levels and by every single employee. However, what can be done in the event of a serious technical error or a disruption?


Lean Production: from virtue to management concept

Production is the heart of operational value creation. It is important not to waste time or resources or to accept overproduction and errors. Which lean methods are effective for sustainable lean production?

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