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Lean-Starterpaket 2022

Order and cleanliness, standards and self-discipline at the work place are simple but crucial prerequisites to fulfil one's tasks efficiently and to improve the execution further. Therefore, many optimisation projects therefore start with the application of the 5S-Method.

What does 5S represent?

  1. Sorting (Seiri): sorting out unnecessary things
  2. Systemise (seiton): arrange all tools, floor areas, shelves and cabinets, as they are needed. Pay attention to ergonomics and efficiency.
  3. Cleanliness (Seiso): Define cleaning standards and work off according to checklists. Since employees clean their workspaces and utensils themselves, deficiencies are noticed and systematically taken care of.
  4. Standardise (Seiketsu): The new condition or the improved process will become a binding commitment after every implemented improvement. Standards reduce search times and improve the execution of work by becoming routine.
  5. Practice self-discipline and improve constantly (Shitsuke): maintaining order and standards need to become the personal basic attitude of employees. Only through permanent self-control and discipline is it possible to abandon old standards and set new standards.

What are the benefits of applying the 5S-Method?

Using the 5S-Method, an improved work organisation is systematically introduced and standardised. The consistent application saves time and resources and is part of a  continuous improvement process(CIP)

The advantages in detail:

  • Reduction of search-, setup- and travel times
  • Reduction of stock in tool and auxiliary materials
  • Improved sense of responsibility and discipline of employees and managers
  • Increased transparency of the operational processes
  • Better work- and process safety
  • Increased quality due to error avoidance
  • Basis for preventative maintenance and methods such as Total productive Maintenance and setup time optimisation

General conditions for successful implementation

The effort required for the implementation of and training in the 5S Methods is low, therefore results are usually seen in the medium term. That is why the 5S Method is ideally suited as an introduction to process optimisation. However, it needs to be noted that the implementation of the method is not a one-off, but it is crucial that it is anchored to the corporate culture and integrated into the daily working life of the employees. Additionally the method should be equally spread across all employees, management included.

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